Welcome to the NIRV

The NIRV is the professional association of Registered Business Valuers (in Dutch: Register Valuator™ and RV™) in the Netherlands. A Register Valuator or RV is a financial expert who specialises in the determination of the economic value of a company, a specific asset or liability, or a combination of both assets and liabilities (i.e. a business). Although valuing companies is a relatively new discipline, it is becoming ever more commonplace to call in an RV in different situations. Only members of the NIRV may call themselves an RV. An RV has built up his or her knowledge and expertise by following a specialist postgraduate course in business valuation and to perform the most complex valuation issues.

This website shows you in which cases a valuation is recommended or even required, through which method an RV will value your company and how the NIRV safeguards the expert and independent opinion of the RV. We also demonstrate the difference between value and price. If you want to find a local Register Valuator now, click here and find one of our members that fits your requirements.