Request for appointment expert(s)

The Nederlands Instituut voor Register Valuators is the professional association for Chartered Business Valuators in the Netherlands. A Chartered Business Valuator, abbreviated to CBV, is a financial expert who specialises in the determination of the value of a company.

Appointment procedure and timing
The NIRV board appoints one CBV as the valuation expert at the request of parties. Parties may also decide to ask the board to propose several CBVs from which the requestors will, next, appoint one CBV. When requesting that a CBV be appointed, a profile of the expert to be appointed must be submitted by the parties that consists of selection criteria. This concerns a description of the profile and sector of the company. It must also be indicated whether it is required that the CBV has experience with dealing with court issues and whether there are exclusions that must be taken into account. Next, the NIRV will (usually) post the request including the selection criteria anonymously for the CBVs in its database. CBVs can register based on this with the NIRV board that will appoint one CBV or will propose several CBVs randomly (through a draw) from the registrations depending on the request of the parties. If several CBVs are proposed by the NIRV, the parties must appoint the required CBV themselves. The NIRV will no longer play a role after the appointment. The entire procedure will take approximately five working days.

Expert database
The NIRV uses a fixed database in which 245 CBVs are included. These CBVs all have Chartered Business Valuator qualifications from the Rotterdam School of Management or the Tias School for Business and Society and are registered in the register. The NIRV chairperson and secretary are excluded from participation in the appointment process.

No fees are linked to the NIRV making appointments. The fees for the valuation by the CBV must be agreed between the parties and the CBV.

You can use the form below to ask the NIRV secretary to suggest a CBV in your region as an independent expert. The NIRV will take your instructions into account as much as possible as specified in the 'Request' field but cannot make any recommendations regarding the specialisations of individual members.

The NIRV board would like to state that it cannot provide information regarding specific areas of expertise or specialisations of individual members and cannot make any recommendations regarding this. Please contact the office organisation of the relevant members for this type of information. You can find the contact details and public profiles under 'Member' including an option of finding members that operate in your region.